Intelligent Futures

We have found more value can be unlocked when data is infused with a better creative approach.

Since launching in 2013, Intelligent Futures has pioneered cutting-edge solutions in programmatic advertising, data management and real-time dynamic ad-serving that improves how advertisers and agencies engage audiences across any screen.

Today, our integrated technology stack provides all the sophistication for the most creative and impactful DR, rich media and mobile campaigns. At the heart of the platform are the AdCharge! Ad-server, recommendation engine and DMP that combines CRM, ERP and behavioural data with rich creative, business logic and targeting capabilities to deliver incredibly personalised digital ads to consumers at every stage of the funnel.

The result: unimaginable levels of consumers engagement and ROI

World-class technology

… complex products are evidence of immature tech. The real time bidding revolution has produced some amazing tech, but more often than not, convoluted solutions. Intelligent Futures’ delivers simple, performance driven campaigns that are rewriting the programmatic advertising and consumer experience because of, not in spite of, the technical complexity of real time advertising.

Intelligence engine – Every action raises a whole set of questions - what to target, how much, with what message, over which device. We programmatically anticipate and answer, continually recommending, testing and refining targeting strategies and dynamic creative to deliver the highest performance and ROI – at every point throughout the purchase funnel.

Data management – For most brands, their CRM data harbours incredible value, yet programmatic agencies and trading desks have struggled to unlock this potential. Intelligent Futures APIs and Data Management solutions have been developed to enable brands to simply and effectively leverage the data they own, without the need for additional development, segmentation or data preparation.

  • Unlock your CRM data
  • Directly integrate into ERP, ecommerce and reservation systems to deliver real-time product information, pricing, availability to individual consumers
  • Overlay behavioural data, enriching consumers segments with real-time trends, interests and intentions

Dynamic ad server – When it comes to advertising, we believe that creative shifts the needle more than anything else. The Intelligent Futures’ AdCharge! Ad-server has been designed to capitalise on this opportunity, making it simple to create, target and deliver highly engaging personalised ads that relate directly to each and every unique user, across whichever device they’re using.

  • No more templated ads – every ad is designed to meet the exact needs of both the advertiser and audience, ensuring creative, brand and engagement are not lost in the execution
  • Intelligent creative – every aspect of every ad is dynamically generated based on a combination of your business rules, sales and enterprise data, consumer knowledge and consumer behaviour, ensuring ads are both truly relevant and optimised to sell
  • Real-time decisioning – dynamic media decisioning and ad-delivery means you can immediately react to market opportunities and trends, ensuring your brand is always up-to-date and no opportunity is missed
  • Test and learn – How ever good we all are, no one is right 100% of the time. Our ad server continually tests variations of ads to each segment, refining creative, pricing and messaging strategies for maximum response.
    Multi-screen – HTML5 ads mean we can reach consumers on whichever device their using, at that point in time maximising campaign performance and ROI
  • Workflow – reducing the complexity in the management of digital media, enabling you to easily scale and hit objectives.

Programmatic trading – Successful programmatic trading is just as much about art as it is science. Where many off-the-shelf real-time advertising platforms are limited to delivering a one-size-fits all solutions, our proprietary trading desk has been developed run truly effective, targeted multi-channel campaigns.

  • Transparency – viewability is integrated into every campaign, optimising ad delivery based on real-time metrics that ensure your ads are seen and media dollars effectively spent
  • Easy-to-use reporting – interactive charts provide true performance insight, from mobile app targeting, to financial goal tracking in the currencies you use
  • Bring your own data – In addition to targeting 1st and 3rd party data, Intelligent Futures’ optimisation engine is designed for use with your unique or licensed data such as purchase history or demographics to determine when, where, and how much to spend on each impression to achieve a desired goal.
  • Brand Safety – Billions in advertising spend is squandered yearly on impressions that are fraudulent or never seen by real people. We discard worthless inventory before reaches our bidder by assessing the authenticity of every impression and publisher using hundreds of data points.
  • Network – Intelligent Futures is integrated with over 40 leading inventory networks and suppliers ranging across mobile, web, app, desktop, native, video, and rich media. We're adding more all the time. There is no place for supply bottlenecks when counting on delivery and performance.


Programmatic advertising has redefined the way in which brands communicate and advertise to consumers.

We empower brands to truly utilise and capitalize from big data, programmatic technologies and dynamic creative solutions that will transform the way in which they connect with and enable people.

We create ideas that redefine communications, product and service experiences. Unlocking data and combining this with rich communication strategies that build brand equity by making a positive impact on people’s lives.